17 - 18 October, 2017 | Soho House Berlin, Germany

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Report on 10 stories of in-store innovation you might have missed!

To help you to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, Customer Experience Network has produced an exclusive report compiling the stories over the past few weeks that you may have missed including: Innovation in customers in-store experience, bridging the gap between online and offline and understanding your customer and their...

Report on Building the Store of the Future

Traditional bricks and mortar retailers are under siege as consumers warmly embrace the Internet shopping experience. The all-pervasive Internet, coupled with the emergence of social media with its strong peer networks circulating socially-shared content and the explosion of rich digital content has proven a game-changer for consumers. Is it any...

Report on Understanding Your Customers and Their Journey

Report on Understanding Your Customers and Their JourneyOne of the perennial challenges confronting retailers and marketers alike is the thorny problem of understanding customers. The all-pervasive presence of social media and the Internet, coupled with an explosion of digital content has redefined the customer landscape.Expand your knowledge within this area,...

Report on Scaling the Omnichannel Strategic Model

The retail industry is being transformed by mass production, the globalization of supply and logistics chains, and mass-market retailers that now offer products previously found only in mid- or upper-tier brands. These convergent forces have prompted retailers to differentiate themselves on the services or experience they offer rather than relying exclusively on the products they retail. Omnichannel...

Interview with Sonja Moosburger - MediaMarktSaturn

Store X Summit spoken exclusively to Sonja Moosburger, Head of Digital Transformation and Projects at MediaMarktSaturn in Germany, about the importance of omni-channel marketing in MediaMarktSaturn on- offline store experience.Download the full interview for free here

Manhattan Associates Magazine - Commerce Trends

Download the 2017/2018 edition of the Manhattan Associates magazine here.

Manhattan Associates - An EMEA Benchmarking Study - Great Expectations: Shoppers Demands on the store

It seems funny to think that, ten years ago, industry experts were predicting the demise of the store. If anything, the rise of ecommerce has given bricks-and-mortar a more secure role within the retail mix.Today’s store is more than a place to try and buy. It is a customer support centre;...